Wolfy’s is located on Peterson near California. There’s a certain joy driving down Peterson and seeing that iconic Wolfy’s sign with the fork and lights. The jumbo char dog is the proper choice here. It is the same Wolfy’s with the cool sign that appears nears the opening credits of the movie While You Were Sleeping and has been an important part of the Far North Side hot dog community since 1967. If you are looking for a technically flawless version of a fully-loaded Chicago-style hot dog, make your way to Wolfy’s on the North Side. All the classic toppings are here, but each just seems better than the examples you’ll find elsewhere. The pickle spear is extra crunchy and acidic, while the bright green relish is tangy and tart. Plus, it’s all anchored by a fantastically beefy dog, which you can either get steamed or charred.


In 1974, the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine produced one of its first articles ranking Chicago’s top hot dog stands. It featured an artist’s caricature of a Chicago-style hot dog. The graphic was later purchased by Vienna Beef for promotional use and has become one of the most well-known company graphics in the Chicago area. A detailed article featuring some of the more famous stands at the time included Wolfy’s on the list. But the famous “Man Bites Dog” article ranked Wolfy’s number one, and with that came the respect Wolfy’s deserved.

Opened in 1967 by Mickey Becker he operated it till brothers Peter and Gus Romas bought it from him in 1999. They have kept the same quality and tradition that Mickey had when he opened it in 1967.


- Always Voted one of the top 10 Chicago Hot Dogs -


One of Chicago’s Best 25 Hot Dog Spots


Iconic West Rogers Park hot dog stand.